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Due to inquiries regarding several of John Piette’s past projects as an engineer and Producer, we have decided to add a new feature to the Dream Traxx Studio website which will showcase one of John’s many projects.  It will feature background information as well as the songs from the release.


Dream Traxx Studio and John Piette do not present any form of ownership with the songs and the songs presented remain the property of the copyright holder.  They are presented for your enjoyment.

soylent green.jpg

In 1994 and 1996 Soylent Green tracked killer original songs with John Piette, engineering and co-producing.  John also played the guitar solo on "Doing It Wrong".  The self titled CD: Soylent Green, is loud, brash and rocking.  With Skeeter Thompson on vocals (the former bassist for the band Scream), Mark McKeehan on bass, (whose brother was a member of DC Talk), drummer Chuck Driviski and guest musicians Robert Lee Davidson tracking lead guitar on Live A Little Bit (also a former member of the band Scream), Ed Brinkley on guitars, Martha Hunton on backing vocals on Live A Little Bit and Creamy Thighs, and Bob Binham on keyboards.

Great songs, great musicianship and Skeeter's powerful vocals.  Ears were ringing for a while after these sessions....enjoy!!

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